Mast Projects Head Office and Factory: 10 Milne Street, Vulcania, Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa
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Monopole Specifications Design Specifications Monopole design specifications provided: 1. Mass of Monopole 2. Mass of cat ladder 3. Maximum forces (on shaft) 4. Site altitude 5. Design and survival wind speeds 6. Mean wind return 7. Artificial base height 8. Antenna, cat ladder, feeder and loading area 9. All steelwork 350WA 10. Bolts Grade 8.8 Fabrication Specifications Fabrication is carried out at our Brakpan plant making extensive use of CNC machines for the manufacture of monopole parts. All monopole designed and manufactured according to South African Bureau of Standards specifications SABS763, SABS 0162, SABS 0160 and the respective ISO, DIN-, and IEC specifications and corresponds to the requirements of the job safety regulations. All our products are subject to internal quality procedures to ensure quality and reliability of all parts. Monopole sections are not painted during manufacturing, but paint can be packed and shipped as an option. Various Designs available, from 10m to 50m in height. Full monopole and foundation designs provided with monopole in PDF format. A General Assembly drawing issued with each tower shipped. Additional designs available with different wind speeds and antenna loading criteria.
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We Design, Manufacture and Export steel Lattice Towers, Tree Masts, Monopoles and civil structures for Cellular BTS and Microwave backbone routes to African, Middle Eastern and European Countries. Our heavy engineering section is equipped to do plasma cutting of plates, plate bending and sub-arc welding. Our factory processes on average 3000 tons of steel per month. This is the equivalent of 150 - 200 towers per month.
Lattice Towers for Telecommunications Rapid Deployment Sites (RDS) Monopoles for Telecommunications Tree Masts for Cellular Sites Heavy Engineering Plasma Cutting, Plate Bending, Sub-arc Welding Special Projects, Pedestrian bridges, Power sub-stations, etc.
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